Land - Guido Brandt Photography
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Hoodoo Wonderland

Ever since I saw images of the Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness for the first time I wanted to visit the area and see these interesting rock formations for myself. A road-trip this fall via Arizona to Albuquerque gave me finally this opportunity.

Unfortunately for me, my planning for this area was thrown out of the window when my GPS stopped showing my previously researched locations and my only choice was just to go out there and find them. It is so easy to get lost at Bisti, you just go over one Badlands and from there it looks all the same in any direction.
After hiking for 45 minutes, I arrived at this location and was trying to figure out some compositions in this mess of a landscape - there were just too many hoodoos to get organized into a frame.

At the same time thunderstorms started to brew in the East and South and then bang suddenly this super beautiful light arrived out of nowhere and I had to even more panic about finding a decent composition and get my tripod in place just in time. This is what I got!

Due to the bad weather, my wife and I decided to stay overnight at a different place, so in total I had about 1.5 hours at Bisti!! Certainly a reason to go back there and be more organized!