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Ode to Galen Rowell

With the recent closing of the Mountain Light Gallery I bought two of Galen's books to have more knowledge of and be inspired by his work. Once I saw his image 'Sierra Wave Cloud over Petroglyphs' I decided that I need to see this wonderful place for myself. Due to recent vandalism damage the location is rightfully not publicly disclosed/discussed, so it took me some time to research the location and get some pointers. Last weekend I embarked on a camping trip to find this place and I was lucky. I had given myself a lot of time before sunset, so it was great to just sit there and contemplate the history and meaning of this place. I find it really mind-boggling to think who had visited this place before, their life experiences and circumstances, their beliefs and what made them draw these petroglyphs. It was very easy to get lost in the spirituality of this place.
The compositions for this location are limited - at least if you respect the artwork/history as I do, so I never dared to walk across this huge panel. I decided to follow the compositional direction that Galen had chosen as in my opinion it provides the most balanced view. I was lucky to get some good light in this direction too.