Oceans - Guido Brandt Photography
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This was my second visit to the Stokksnes area in Iceland - in 2016 I had been there for 2 days and never saw the Vestrahorn mountain, so when I returned in 2017, I was eager to finally see it. I had put a lot of trust into the Iceland meteorology service when I started my 6 hours drive from Northern Iceland since they had forecast a wonderful sunrise for this location.

When I arrived late the previous evening, Vestrahorn was all shrouded in clouds. I met a really nice Dutch photographer, Corné van Oosterhout (check out his kingfisher photography!!), who had been there for several days waiting for the weather to clear up. Ever when we thought the clouds would start disappear, they didn't - apparently the clouds just swirl around the mountain to return again.

At 3am - as forecasted - the clouds started slowly to clear. Corne was vast asleep in this car, but I managed to wake him so he wouldn't miss this sunrise. I was frantically running around to find a good composition, in the end being not really happy with anything I composed.

Now half a year later when revisiting the images, I feel different and really love the mood of this frame.