Oceans - Guido Brandt Photography
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Dragon Eye

Here in Southern California is a spot called Arch Rock near Little Corona Del Mar beach, a spot that is for most only accessible during low tide as you have to crawl over a few rocks to get there - unless you own one of the multi-million dollar homes on top of the cliff, which have an easier access to this spot.
Last Friday the sunset forecast and tide was actually ideal, I even could escape from work early. I have been skunked so many times that I had almost given up this spot. Well this time, there were clouds and wonderful light and I had no excuse, except coming up with a decent enough composition. The dilemma is that you can get really nice comps when the tide is up and resulting wave action, but at low tide there are a lot of rocks.

So I found this little tide pool, threw my 11-24 ultra-wide angle lens onto the camera and got to work. I hope it works for you!