Panorama - Guido Brandt Photography
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Glacier Point Sunrise

This image was taken during the first sunrise shoot of my 4-day stay in Yosemite National Park in September. I had decided to do the 30-mile drive from Yosemite Valley to Glacier Point and had planned some astro shoots and then a panorama during sunrise. I set off really early and arrived at Glacier Point car park around 5.30am for a 6.45am sunrise, so plenty of time to set up and explore the location!

However, the night before I had read about bears and mountain lions that roam around in Yosemite in the park's broschures. Ah, mistake!!
Somehow I developed an uneasy feel that I was the only person at the place and it was a 600m walk to the lookout, with bushes and trees surrounding the path - good hiding spots for bears/lions.

I am used to pretty nasty poisonous animals from Australia, but I guess that doesn't match my fear factor for bears in the wild!!!

The next 30 or so minutes proofed to be the most uncomfortable and nervracking time of my photography pastime - I'd happily walk over crackling lava fields with my friends Bruce and Tom anytime instead.

Man, was I relieved when another person turned up and then more and more people arrived. I had set up my spot with my Really Right Stuff (RRS) tripod and panogear (which is quite substantial!), when another photographer 'dude' showed up with even more RRS gear!!! Turns out it was Brady Cabe (a really nice dude), who works at RRS and was doing a sunrise and engagement shoot with some friends.

There had been wildfires in Yosemite since August and there was a dense smoke haze in the air, which contributed to this interesting light during and after sunrise.
Thankfully we had a thunderstorm that night, which cleared the smoke haze for the next day and contributed to a beautiful sunset the following night, but this will be another post.

Yosemite is of course a location, where Ansel Adams created a lot of his images, so it is only fitting to present an image for the B&W challenge from this place.

I hope you enjoy this image, Yosemite is a special place!