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Santa Clarita Nights

This past winter we had above average rain/snow falls here in California and this has created a wonderful bloom of wild flowers in the last few weeks, which are of course a photographer's heaven.
Two weeks ago, I caught up with my mate Matt and he was kind enough to show me 'his' local hill of lupines near Santa Clarita just north of Los Angeles.
I left SoCal at 2pm to make it up the 60 miles trip on the Interstate 5 to this location in time for sunset. However, Friday afternoon LA traffic had other plans for me and I spent the next four (!) hours in a huge traffic jam!!
When I finally arrived at the location 10 minutes after sunset, Matt was already up the hill and told me I had two options: directly up the hill or follow the trail........of course I was ready for the first option and started racing up the hill - until loaded with my backpack and tripod in my hand lost my balance and tumbled a few meters down the hill
From then was covered in dirt and soot from the burned branches from last year's wildfires - great!! Nice to meet you Matt - yes I always look like this.....
By now the good light was truly gone and so I could fire only off a few shots and be good with it......still a wonderful memory of this evening!

From Night Sky