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Been waiting a long time

I had this image in my head for a long, long time. When I scouted various locations along the famous Great Ocean Road a few years back, I came across this lesser known location and I immediately realised its potential for a great panorama.
Capturing the panorama in daylight I was somewhat satisfied, but I poundered about how I could I turn this into an extraordinary image - the solution was adding the Milky Way!!

It is only during certain times of the year when the Milky Way is relatively low on the horizon - a couple of weeks back was such an opportunity.
Now if you have been to the Great Ocean Road - and I have been numerous times - you know that it can be a windy, cold, cloudy and miserable place. Which is not good if you want to capture stars or the Milky Way with long exposure shots.

After a couple of attempts I was finally lucky. I was at the Great Ocean Road for a private photography workshop and the conditions were for once great. I had worked out before that the Milky Way would the horizontal between 2-4am, so come 2am and I swung into full gear, drove to the location and I could not believe how clear and calm the night was. While I took this 12-image panorama, I witnessed around 30 meteors burning up in the sky.

It was just a very magical - one that I have been waiting for a long time.

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