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No. 5 is Alive!

When, a couple of weeks back, I headed down the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne, I arrived at the Twelve Apostles in heavy rain showers at lunch time.
Sitting in the car with rain belting on the windows I checked the weather forecast once again and there was nothing mentioned about rain. Even the rain radar didn't showed anything. I was getting a bit worried that my client and I had done the 4-hr trip for nothing and wouldn't get any great shots.

I decided to proceed further westwards along the Great Ocean Road as the weather seemed to be clearing up that way.
Thankfully the rain stopped pretty soon and we were getting great images at different spots.

For sunset, we had planned to return to the Twelve Apostles and to my delight I discovered that a small waterfall had developed along the cliff face due to all the rain before. Cool!!!

Now I was just anxious the weather would hold up until sunset and not cloud completely over as it does so often at this location. In fact, I had been there four times before with no reportable sunset image.

In the end, this fifth attempt was very rewarding - it was a sunset that will be ever etched in my memory.

From Panorama