Midsummer in Iceland - Guido Brandt Photography
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Misty Morning at Kirkjufell

Ok, of course there is always a story behind the picture: after long and adventurous drive to Kirkjufell along the slippery looking gravel road 54 in continuous rain, my wife and I arrived in our campervan on location some time past sunset at 1am in the morning.

Kirkjufell was covered in grey skies, the occasional rain shower and no sign of a beautiful reflection as you see so on so many images of this location.
My wife decided to sleep, so I took my gear, switched to BW mode and tried to photographic this iconic location from as many angles as I possibly could using a variety of lenses . That took me around 2-2.5hrs hours and tired I started to slowly walk back to the campervan when I saw a slight color in the sky in the corner of my eyes - oh no!! Do it all again now?
So here I repeated most of my earlier comps, but this time with a bit of color in the sky. I still love the very misty mood of the image.

This composition is of course nothing unique, but for me it is still a composition that shows so much of this iconic location. Captured ultrawide at 12mm on a Sony A7Rii with Canon 11-24mm.